Worst Cities: Where to Live in US This Year?

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There is some dangerous cities to live in even in the United States with its exceptionally high crime rate. This has made them not only a danger to live in but also even an unsafe place to visit. As per the research, cities with poor life condition and weak socioeconomic structure are prone to criminal activities. FBI reports suggest violent crime rate has increased up to 5% from the previous year keeping police authorities on toes. However, the crime rate is not uniform across the country; few cities are far more dangerous for others.

So, we have made a list of top 2 worst cities to live in and lower crime rate cities.

St. Louis:
This city has been the worst to live in with 5,762 violent crimes in 2015 alone. The crime rate increased up to 7.7% in 2015 which is far higher than the crime rate all across the country. However, the crime rate has reduced from what it was 5-7 years back. Below is its crime statistics in 2015:
• Total Population: 315,685
• Violent crimes per 100 people: 1.817
• Murders in 2015: 188
• Reported rape cases in 2015:264
• Robbery: 1,790
• Assault: 3,522
• Poverty rate: 27.8%
• Unemployment rate: 6.1%

Detroit, located in Michigan is the second most dangerous city in the US with 1,760 violent crimes in 2015. However, the crime rate has gone 22.3% down from what it was in 2011. The main factor contributing to its alarming crime rate is the poor economic situation.
• Total population: 688,701
• Violent crimes per 100 people: 1.759
• Murders in 2015: 301
• Reported Rape cases in 2015: 538
• Robbery: 3,459
• Assault: 7,599
• Poverty rate: 39.8%
• Unemployment rate: 12.4%
If you are looking for a good neighbourhood, then we have listed down the safest cities in the US where you can easily relocate.

The growing city of California has the lowest crime rate as compared to other cities in the US. The city is an ever-expanding one, but the criminal activities have reduced to a minimum in the past few years. The crime rate statistic of the city is given below:
• Total Population: 256, 927
• Violent crime per 100 people: 0.05
• Murders in 2015: 2
• Reported Rape cases in 2015: 36
• Robbery: 61
• Assault: 67
• Poverty rate: 12.4%
• Unemployment rate: 3.1%

It is the second safest city in the US; however, with a high-crime neighbourhood of Washington D.C. located in Virginia, the place is a tourist hub for travellers from all around the globe. Have a look at its crime rate statistics to know how safe it actually is.
• Total Population: 228, 449
• Violent crime per 100 people:0.13
• Murders in 2015: 1
• Reported Rape cases in 2015: 36
• Robbery: 113
• Assault: 164
• Poverty rate: 9.5%
• Unemployment rate: 2.9%

No matter, if you are living in a safe neighbourhood, you should install a home security system to monitor activities taking place in your neighbourhood. This will not only keep you safe but will also help you alert your neighbours of any unsuspicious movements.

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