Windows 10 Users can Log In Without a Password Next Year

Windows 10

Windows 10 users will be given the option to log in without a password next year fully, Microsoft announces. People can then use alternatives, such as face recognition and PIN codes, without having to fall back on a password.

Microsoft lets users decide whether they want to set another password. After a major Windows 10 update scheduled for 2020, people can choose not to show a password field at all on the login screen. They then have to log in differently.

The company calls it a way to “improve security” and “simplify the sign-up process.” You can then log in to a Microsoft account via face recognition from a laptop camera or via a fingerprint scanner.

A pin code can also be set. Microsoft calls that more secure than a password because the code is stored locally. A server leak, for example, cannot ensure that a pin code will end up on the street, just as with a password.

People can already use alternative ways to log in, but they will always see a password field. This option is cancelled if users choose to do so next year.

Logging in without any form of security is also possible for some time. Users can set no password or pin code at all to open the system.

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