Why Lionel Richie doesn’t attend Katy Perry’s wedding

katy-perry orlando-bloom

Katy Perry (35) and Orlando Bloom (43) are currently engaged and expecting their first child. Katy already looks ahead to their marriage, but her ‘American Idol’ colleagues Lionel Richie (70) and Luke Bryan (43) have to keep their enthusiasm in check. It is questionable whether they are invited.

Katy, Lionel and Luke spoke to ET News about the new American Idol season, where they are on the jury. That interview was also about Katy’s wedding, which was supposed to take place this year, but according to sources, due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, it has been postponed to 2021. Whether the men have been invited? “I’ve thought about that,” Katy replies. “But they are very expensive.”

The ‘Roar’ singer then starts talking about the possible costs that their arrival would entail. “If I asked them, it would be the whole budget,” she laughs. “Especially Lionel. He alone is the whole budget,” referring to how much money Lionel asks for a performance.

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