Why Laguiole French Knives Still Popular & High in Demand

Why Laguiole French Knives Still Popular & High in Demand

The decades have passed, but its beauty and perfection still remain the same.

Yes, we are talking about the Laguiole knives that have been famous since its evolution. There have been many false believe that Laguiole knives are now being made across the globe.

This isn’t reality!

There are only a few genuine makers of Laguiole knives that still work only in France and are entirely human dependent. But what makes them so popular even today?

Three prominent pointers better describe the Laguiole French Knives i.e.

100% Handmade:

Every piece of Laguiole knife is handmade and undergo different procedures to ensure it is perfect and deserves the top place in the market. With years of perfection and mastery in knife making, the craftsman has now become proficient in manufacturing ideal masterpiece for the buyers. Every single artisan is trained to form newbie to professional that takes time. But, the outcome is marvellous. As a result, every single piece is admired by the customer/owner.

100% Traditional:

For newbie Laguiole knife buyers, you must know that Laguiole isn’t any protected brand that sells knives. Instead, Laguiole is the place of origin for uniquely designed knives. The tradition of using hard stainless steel for blade, wood, and horns for the handle is still the same. This has made it the legacy which is still very much popular among the buyers. Traditional knife categories are also available like Natural Brown Horn Handle – Stainless Steel Bolsters, Ram’s Horn Handle – Stainless Steel bolsters, and many more.

100% Made in France:

Do you know what the sign of genuine Laguiole knives is? There are only a few factors that can be used to ensure you are buying a 100% real Laguiole knife. The first and most important factor is the “Made in France” tag written on the knife.

Today, many countries like China, Pakistan have been making similar knives. But, the genuine masterpiece is only made in France. So, to buy a real Laguiole knife, always prefer this tag. Another sign of an actual Laguiole knife is its price. You won’t get a knife at a minimal price. The artistry and premier design, given to these knives, can signify their price.

Laguiole French Knives is one of the prominent online stores that give you the most comprehensive range of knives made with 100% human effort. Every single piece is crafted and produced to take the Laguiole legacy forward.

Moreover, the quality has never been compromised with these knives. That’s why you, the knife’s blade, don’t require any sharpener or frequent maintenance. These blades are made from most robust stainless steel, coated to resist rust and moisture attacks.

These traits are only available in a 100% real Laguiole knife. So, if you somewhere find a knife with ‘Laguiole’ on it, think wisely before buying. The tradition and heritage of France can only be found there. To get one masterpiece for your pocket or showcase, buy it from a legit place.

What’s your reason to own a Laguiole knife?

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