WhatsApp allows users to change the Background per chat


WhatsApp now allows users to adjust the Background per chat conversation. The Background also changes when dark mode is turned on.

According to WhatsApp, the new function should make it easier to distinguish between chats. “Never worry about sending the wrong message in the wrong chat again,” says WhatsApp owner Facebook.

Users can use their images but also choose from a renewed, wide range of wallpapers from WhatsApp itself. The standard wallpaper, grey with drawings, is now available in all kinds of colours. Also, there are numerous photos of nature and cities, among other things. The wallpapers will automatically darken when dark mode is turned on.

The wallpaper of a chat can be changed by pressing the name of the chat group or contact at the top. The function ‘ Background and sound’ have been added to this; users could already set a different sound for each chat for some time. The latest WhatsApp update also adds a search function for stickers, although developers still have to make their sticker packs suitable for this.

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