US Vice President Meets Guaido in Bogota

Mike Pence Meets guaido

US Vice President Mike Pence plans to meet Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido on Monday in Bogota. He will do so at a meeting of the Lima Group, the partnership of fourteen countries on the American continent that is working together to end the crisis in Venezuela.

Many countries have already recognised Guaido as interim president. America, through Vice President Mike Pence, sharply condemned the violence against the civilian population in Venezuela. Several countries want to send the country relief goods.

The Venezuelan ruler President Nicolas Maduro does not want to know anything about this help. He sees it as a propaganda position of the opposition.

There is famine in oil-rich Venezuela, and there is a lack of everything. Maduro’s hated regime survives because of the involvement of high military personnel in the trading of mineral resources, in the case of shimping at the official exchange rate of the almost worthless money and in international cocaine smuggling.

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