US President shows understanding for QAnon supporters.


QAnon members worship Donald Trump and claim that his opponents kill children. That doesn’t bother the US president. They are “people who love our country”.
In a press conference, US President Donald Trump missed an opportunity to distance himself from supporters of the right-wing QAnon conspiracy theory. “I comprehend they like me without a doubt, which I appreciate,” Trump said in the White House. He doesn’t know much about the movement. But he heard that it was growing in popularity. And: “I’ve heard that it’s people who love our country.”

The movement is under fire. The focal case of the QAnon supporters is that there is a trick against the US president in the deeper layers of the US government apparatus. They also often claim that prominent Democratic Party politicians in the United States have been treated with hormones obtained from the blood of children.

When asked specifically by a reporter that QAnon supporters believed he was saving the world “from a satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals,” Trump said, “I didn’t hear that. In any case, is that expected to be an awful thing or something worth being thankful for? If so I can help save the world from problems, I am ready to do so. ” His government is already saving the world from “radical left philosophy”.

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