Twitter gives presidential account to Biden, regardless of Trump’s complaints.

Joe Biden

Twitter says the official presidential account @POTUS will be handed over to Joe Biden, despite current US President Donald Trump continuing to deny the election results.

“Twitter is preparing to smooth the transition between White House accounts on January 20, 2021, as we did in 2017,” the spokesman said.

The Twitter account @POTUS will then officially fall into the hands of Biden’s staff.

With that, the social network does not respond to statements by Trump, who claims that because of the fraud he won. Neither Trump nor his lawyers have yet presented any evidence to support those allegations.

Trump will keep his own Twitter account @realDonaldTrump because he already owned it before the election. This account also has the most followers of the two.

However, Trump’s own profile will no longer have a special, protected status, which means that he will be more easily punished if he incites violence, for example. Twitter applies different rules to world leaders, which Trump no longer is after Biden’s inauguration.

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