This is How You Ensure a Healthy Barbecue

This is How You Ensure a Healthy Barbecue

When we think of barbecuing, we often think of large pieces of meat, baguettes with herb butter and large pots of mayonnaise or other fatty sauces. Nothing wrong with that, but many also want to think about their health. With these tips, you can enjoy a delicious and healthy barbecue.

We can choose what we put on the grill, so this does not only have to be a fat thing. So you can want to skip the red meat once and go for a fish. Many fish are suitable for the grill, such as salmon, dorado, tuna or sea bass. Or how about fresh sardines or prawns? You can cover the fish in aluminium foil or put it on the grill. Add some juice from a lemon or lime and some pepper and garlic, and you will have a delicious fish on your plate in no time.

We almost all find Hamburgers tasty, but they do not always have to be made from beef or pork. A delicious and healthy alternative is a burger made of turkey, salmon or chicken. Or how about a vegetarian citizen? You can choose from lentils, chickpeas, mushrooms or black beans. There are different combinations possible, and thus your citizen changes into a protein bomb.

In addition to meat or fish, the vegetables must not be missing in a barbecue. You can make your skewer with pieces of zucchini, pepper, eggplant, onion or mushroom on a stick. Mix the vegetables with some olive oil beforehand. Also, you can make some rich salads, including avocado, cucumber, nuts, seeds or watermelon.

Saucers are part of a barbecue, so even with a healthy barbecue. Skip the bottles of sauce or the pot of mayonnaise and choose hummus, tzatziki or guacamole. These are accessible in most supermarkets, but can also be made quickly and quickly yourself. And do you still want something crunchy? A tasty and light alternative to baguette is tortilla chips or crackers. Delicious to dip and delicious as a side dish.

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