The United States is not yet giving up the WHO

Donald Trump

Donald Trump had criticized the World Health Organization as a puppet of China and announced the exit. This is not final; negotiations will continue.
When Donald Trump made short work of the World Health Organization in the Rose Garden of the White House, they were all flabbergasted. WHO refuses to undertake urgently needed reforms and is under the total control of China – so the United States would end its membership and otherwise invest its contributions. It was the end of May. Andrew Bremberg, US ambassador to Geneva to lead relations with the UN and WHO, had no idea that the president would abruptly carry out his threats. So did many in the government, from the Ministry of Health to the National Security Council.

Less than two weeks earlier, Trump had sent the WHO a 30-day ultimatum in a letter. If there were no “significant improvements”, he would stop the payments that had already been temporarily stopped and consider leaving the company. But, he also said: Talks about reforming the organization had already started. In fact, until Trump’s sudden decision, government officials were busy working out a series of steps that WHO could take to satisfy the president. But that’s not the only thing that emerges from documents reported by the US magazine Vanity Fair. Accordingly, negotiations are still underway that could potentially result in the withdrawal not being carried out.

For example, over the weekend Bremberg is said to have agreed with WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus by telephone on a possible framework that will reorganize US relations with the organization. The magazine quotes a government official with the hope that on this basis “hopefully” Trump’s decision can be reversed. An exit cannot yet be said. The research did not want to comment on the WHO or any part of the US government.

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