Philips Sues Fitbit for Patent Infringement

Fitbit watch

The innovation organization Philips has sued wearable maker Fitbit. Fitbit would utilize innovation from Philips.

The North American part of Philips claims Fitbit in the United States at the Boston court. Fitbit is said to have collected billions of dollars with innovation from Philips.

“Fitbit has not built up its very own innovation,” composes Philips. “Rather, the organization utilized Philips exclusive innovation. Fitbit developed quickly and made billions of dollars in income.”

Philips composes for a considerable length of time that it has attempted to finish up a permit manage Fitbit, yet Fitbit would consistently have cannot.

“The consistent refusal of Fitbit to pay permit expenses has constrained Philips to make strides so that Fitbit quits encroaching licenses,” Philips writes in the archives. The organization says it needs to be made up for harm endured.

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