Merkel announces that the vaccination prioritization will be lifted by June at the latest.

angela merkel

Everyone should be able to have a vaccination appointment in June. But that does not mean that everyone can be vaccinated immediately, said the Chancellor after the vaccination summit.
Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed that the prioritization of vaccinations against the coronavirus could be lifted in June.

That does not mean that everyone will then be vaccinated, said Merkel after the federal and state vaccination summit. But then there is the possibility to get an appointment. The company doctors should then also be involved in the vaccination campaign.

In many federal states, priority groups 1 and 2 have already been vaccinated, Merkel said. Group 3 is open. By and large, it is assumed that this group will receive the first vaccination in May, “so that, depending on how many vaccine doses we receive, we can cancel the prioritization from June at the latest – but I say again: at the latest”.

The federal government is sticking to its promise to make a vaccination offered to everyone willing to vaccinate by the end of the summer, said Merkel. Merkel also emphasized that a digital vaccination certificate was being worked on. This should be used across Europe.

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