Merkel and Macron demand clarification from Denmark and the USA

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Did the US secret service NSA have help from Scandinavia while eavesdropping on European politicians? The Chancellor and the French President expect “complete openness”.
Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President have required the US and Denmark to explain the NSA undertaking. Macron said espionage between allies was “unacceptable” after the Franco-German Council of Ministers in a video press conference. Germany and France, therefore, expected “complete openness and clarification of the facts from the Danish and American partners”.

Merkel said she could “only agree” with Macron’s words. Your stance on the NSA affair has not changed. She was referring to her earlier statement: “Spying on friends, that’s not possible.” At the same time, the Chancellor stressed that the comments by the Danish government had “calmed her down”. They are a “good basis for establishing trustworthy relationships in addition to clarifying the facts.”

At the weekend, it became known that the Danish secret service allegedly helped the US NSA with eavesdropping on Merkel and other top European politicians. Denmark’s foreign and military intelligence service FE has enabled the NSA to use a secret listening station near Copenhagen, reported the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and other European media.

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