Meghan Markle is passionate about the murder of George Floyd

meghan markle

Protests against police brutality and the murder of George Floyd continue in many parts of the US, and the subject is more alive than ever in the rest of the world. Meghan Markle, 38, is also taking the time to express her anger at the police brutality used against the 46-year-old American man.

“All you can do wrong in this situation is shut up,” Meghan explains in an emotional online speech to graduate students in her home city of Los Angeles. The Duchess says that she has been preparing for the speech for weeks, but still deviates from her studied text due to the current ‘terrible’ circumstances. “I wasn’t sure what to say to you,” she explains. “I want to say the right thing… George Floyd’s life matters.”

Meghan then shares a life lesson she was taught in high school. “Don’t forget to always put other people’s needs above your fears,” she says, which she wants to pass on to the graduates. “I remember that all my life.” Meghan also deeply regrets that these students ‘are still growing up in a world where this is the case’. “You will be part of the Black Lives Matter movement forever.”

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