Lynne Spears dodges every question about daughter Britney.

Lynne spears with Britney

When the 65-year-old Lynne Spears, Britney’s (39) mother, landed at the Los Angeles airport on Thursday, an army of paparazzi was immediately ready to photograph her and ask some questions. But Mother Spears did not answer. She avoided any question asked about Britney.

“She never speaks about Britney, not for years. Lynne is an unbelievably quiet affable lady, yet also extremely discreet. She won’t ever stand in opposition to her little girl, regardless of what columnists attempt,” said a source, adding that Britney’s mom ventured out to Los Angeles to beware of her little girl.

As per a relative, Lynne routinely goes to LA. “She never misses the chance to invest energy with Britney and converse with her for quite a long time. She likewise needs her little girl to have the opportunity she merits. Also, when they’re not together, they gossip on the telephone.”

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