Italy Registered A Record Number of Daily Corona Infections

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Italy has registered 34,505 coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health reports. This is the highest daily infections ever in the Southern European country.


On Wednesday, Italy recorded 30,550 infections.

In the past twenty-four hours, 445 people have died from Covid-19, compared to 352 the day before. It is the first time since May 2 that the number of corona deaths has exceeded 400.

In total, 40,192 people died from Covid-19 in Italy. The country is ranked sixth worldwide in terms of deaths from the disease.

Some 824,879 coronavirus infections have been registered in Italy since the outbreak began.

The northern Lombardy region remains the hardest hit, reporting 8,822 new cases on Thursday, up from 7,758 on Wednesday. The southern region of Campania was the second most affected area with 3,888 new cases.

To get the virus wave under control, a curfew is in force in the country from Friday. The government in Rome has also introduced a partial lockdown for several regions.

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