How to Find the Best Clinic for Your Hair Transplant in Turkey?

How to Find the Best Clinic for Your Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Once you experience the condition of hair loss, you go into a long process of different alternatives and solutions for your hair restoration. There are a lot of chemical medicines, natural remedies, hair transplant operations with lots of methods and non-surgical options.

Medicines and remedies are the most effortless alternatives to go with; however, they do not provide a permanent solution. Either they stop your hair loss until you stop taking it or have side effects that are not preferable as they affect your life quality. On the other hand, non-surgical options such as mesotherapy injections and laser treatments can help to strengthen the volume of your hair, but not enough to satisfy most of the people who are experiencing hair loss.

Currently, it is accepted that the one and only permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplantation. But the decision process is not over yet, even you are sure that you will go with a hair transplant. There are lots of methods, options and different locations with different pricing offers.

So you have two decisions to make now: Finding the best hair transplant method and where to go for it.

Finding the Best Hair Transplant Method for You

Comparing with the latter decisions, finding the best hair transplant method for you is relatively easy because the hair transplantation operation technology is advanced enough. The practitioners are experienced enough to have a successful operation and get satisfying results.

It is widely accepted that FUE hair transplantation seems to be the best option, both with its good results and technologically advanced quality. There are options such as DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) and Sapphire FUE but do not worry; once you find the correct clinic, you will be advised of the most effective method for your hair loss condition.

The method is decided correctly, and now the hardest part begins; where to go and how to choose the right clinic.

Ready to Go With Hair Transplant: But Where to Go?

Nearly in every country, you can find hair transplant providers. So you have to option to go with local or global. The pricing also varies with each option. Let’s say you are from the UK and looking for a hair transplant. Then you will see that the pricing is calculated per graft and an approximate price for a hair transplant operation is between €10.000 and €35.000.

There are also global hair transplant providers as a result of the skyrocketing medical tourism industry. Being one of the best locations, Turkey is a very popular destination for the last decade. The pricing is nearly 10 times lower. Because of that, a significant number of hair transplant operations are done every day, which makes hair transplant surgeons much more experienced than their colleagues in other countries.

However, about 2000 different hair transplant providers in Turkey have aggressive marketing endeavours, so it is not easy to choose the best clinic among them. Then comes the last decision, and you should consider a few different aspects at the same time.

Hair Transplant in Turkey: Finding the Best Clinic

It would help if you were very picky when it comes to finding high quality among the outstanding quantity. Turkey is closely following the medical providers to see that they are compatible with regulations. So, first thing first, ask for their accreditations and authorizations for medical treatments. Also, not just ask but ask for proof as well.

Then you should get information about the hair transplant surgeon who will be the one responsible for your hair transplant in Turkey. You should also make research on the internet and look for the clinic’s and the surgeon’s reviews so that you can have an objective opinion.

Lastly, look for the before and after pictures of the clinic. Ask your medical consultants to send you some results which resemble your hair loss condition.

If all goes well, you can go with the one that offers a suitable treatment plan for your budget. MCAN Health is known as one of the best clinics for your hair transplant in Turkey. They are accredited and authorized for international medical tourism and very experienced with thousands of successful operations. You can view their website and start your research at

We hope you have a great hair transplant experience and go with the option by means of satisfaction and pricing!

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