Her New Image Provides Pure Enthusiasm

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston also shows with her latest post that she can Instagram. This time she jokes about a typical selfie pose.

Actress Jennifer Aniston, 50, proves once again that she can laugh at herself and dominate Instagram. Even her latest post has already received almost five million likes within a few hours. No wonder, because she takes a popular selfie pose in her arms: “Woke up like this”!

In her version, she shows before-and-after photos. On one side you can see two stylists working on the grim-faced actress and plucking things around. The second shows the photo that was created after the styling. “I’m just a girl … standing around with hair and make-up, a stylist, a photographer, a lighting crew, a wind machine, props, and a computer …. and ask you to remember that I woke up so “, commented the 50-year-old self-deprecating.

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