FIFA is finalizing an emergency fund

Gianni Infantino

Gianni Infantino, the President of world football association FIFA, hopes to be able to tell what the emergency fund for the football world will look like within a few weeks. FIFA announced as early as March when the coronavirus began to spread around the world; an emergency fund would be created for unions and clubs facing financial difficulties. For the time being, however, it is not clear how much money will become available and how it can be claimed.
According to Infantino, this will be clarified “in the coming weeks”. The emergency fund has, according to the FIFA boss “a wide range, including women’s football” and it is established how the money is distributed. FIFA has huge reserves.

FIFA is also working on adjusting the international match days calendar. “We are close to a balanced solution,” said Infantino in a video message to the 211 national associations affiliated to FIFA. “Everyone’s challenges and needs have been taken into account.”

In several online meetings, the federation talks to all football associations and other interested parties to jointly achieve “a better football world for the future”.”This is a chance to cooperate, to share encounters and to help one another,” said Infantino. “Through solidarity, we can find solutions to achieve a better football world. I advocate clearer and stricter financial rules, with full transparency and ‘healthy’ policy. That is not just about the transfer system, but about the entire football world.”

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