Federal government lifts travel warning for risk areas

USA cities

After more than a year, the warnings against tourist trips to around 100 countries will cease to apply in July. The USA or Austria are no more extended risk areas.
The federal government wants to generally lift travel warnings for risk areas after more than a year. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) announced that this should apply from July to all regions with a seven-day incidence below 200. That affects around 100 countries. This step is possible because there will be “clear common rules for dealing with vaccinated, convalescent and tested people” in Europe, said Maas.

As of July 1, the federal government will no longer generally advise against tourist trips abroad. However, this is by no means an “invitation to be carefree,” said Maas. “After long months of lockdown, we can look forward to more normalcy, and that also applies to travel.”

The federal government has already lifted the travel warnings for some countries or, in some cases, moderated them. For example, the USA, Cyprus and Austria are no longer classified as risk areas on the list of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The same applies to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
The Portuguese island of Madeira, the Norwegian provinces of Innlandet and Viken, and Bern and Thurgau’s Swiss cantons are also no longer classified as risk areas. The travel warnings for the Greek regions of Mount Athos, the North Aegean, East Macedonia and Thrace, and the Peloponnese are also to be lifted soon.

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