Donald Trump is said to have been pressured into hospital treatment

Donald Trump

According to US media, the helicopter was already waiting in front of the White House, but Trump did not want to get on. He was afraid of appearing too sick and weak.

US President Donald Trump first had to be urged by his advisors to seek hospital treatment for his corona infection. This is reported by the US broadcaster CNN, citing several sources. Accordingly, the President’s helicopter was already on the south lawn in front of the White House when Trump refused to go onboard and be flown to the Walter Reed Military Hospital north of Washington. The 74-year-old did not want to appear seriously ill, it said. The President was then told that a stay in the clinic would be better for him if his condition worsened.

As CNN further reports, high-ranking government officials also decided not to let Trump admit to the hospital until after the stock market closed. This should prevent the share price from falling.
The President was flown to the military hospital in Bethesda on Friday, the day before he had made his corona infection public via tweet. The White House and his doctor, Sean Conley, initially said that the President was “doing very well” and that the admission to Walter Reed Hospital was a purely precautionary measure.

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