Democrats win one of the runoff elections in Georgia.

Joe Biden

Stage win for Joe Biden and the Democrats: Their candidate Raphael Warnock conquers a Senate seat in Georgia. In the second runoff election, too, a Democrat is ahead.
In the runoff elections in the US state of Georgia, the US Democrats achieved a stage victory. This is shown by forecasts of several television stations: According to NBC, CBS and ABC, the candidate Raphael Warnock prevailed against the Republican Kelly Loeffler. The Democrat had previously declared himself victorious over the Republican incumbent. “I’m going to the Senate to work for all of Georgia,” he said.

Should the Democrats win the second runoff election, they would de facto have a majority in the Senate. They already dominate the House of Representatives, the other chamber of Congress. In the second runoff election, Democrat Jon Ossoff was ahead of Republican incumbent David Perdue. After counting around 4.4 million or about 98 percent of the votes, Ossoff was 16,370 in front. It was expected that the lead would increase because the remaining votes would come from more democratic districts.

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