‘Demi Lovato has a Relationship with the Designer.’

demi lovato

Henry Levy, a planner whose vocalist was one of the prime specialists to wear garments amid exhibitions, would be Demi Lovato’s, new darling.

Lovato and Levy were seen last weekend at Nobu restaurant in Malibu, where they celebrated Lovato’s Grammy nomination. The designer would, in particular, have a good influence on her because he does not drink and does not use drugs.

The singer had been seen together with the designer several times, but both maintained that nothing was going on between them. “She now wants to surround herself with people who give her the right energy and Henry Levy is such a type”, says an initiate. “They spend a lot of time mutually, but the last thing Demi is doing now is dating, she is completely concentrated on her recovery and health, and Henry helps her and is her ‘sober’ friend.

Demi Lovato ended up in the hospital at the end of July after an overdose of oxycodone, a powerful painkiller. The singer would struggle with an eating disorder in addition to a drink and drug addiction. Her sixteen-year-old half-sister Madison de La Garza announced in October that Lovato was improving.

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