Court Dismisses Action Against Compulsory Break of Parliament

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London judges do not stop British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: They reject a lawsuit against his sub-house compulsory break. However, it can be appealed.

A London court has dismissed a lawsuit against the British Parliament’s five-week forced break. That said Ian Burnett, judge at the high court. Anti-Brexit activist Gina Miller had requested a judicial review of the compulsory break prescribed by British PM Boris Johnson to parliament. Among other things, she was supported by former Prime Minister John Major. Like Johnson, he belongs to the Conservatives.

In their ruling, however, the High Court judges allowed an appeal in the case. The decision goes on to the Supreme Court, which is to hear the case on 17 September.

Miller and her supporters see in Johnson’s project a feint to prevent the deputies in the House of Commons on the intervention and so have free rein for his Brexit course. If necessary, the prime minister wants to lead his country out of the European Union without any contractual security. A Brexit without agreement would, however, lead in the opinion of experts to supply shortages, chaos and economic crisis.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson announced that he is not thinking about resigning. “I will go to Brussels, I will reach an agreement and we will leave on the 31st of October, we have to do that,” said Johnson on Friday. When asked if he would step down if he did not achieve those goals, the British PM said, “This is not a hypothesis I’m prepared to think about.”

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