British Driving Licenses are Not Valid in Ireland in case of Hard Brexit


 Residents of Ireland with a British driving license must exchange their driving license for an Irish driving license in the case of a Brexit without a resignation agreement.

The Irish road safety authority warns this week for this. If no Brexit agreement is concluded or postponed in the coming month, the agreement with which British driving licenses are recognised in the European Union will also lapse.

That could, in particular, be a problem in Ireland, which borders with British Northern Ireland. Currently, there is no border between the two countries on the Irish island.

The Irish Road Safety Authority recommends drivers for whom this is going to cause problems to exchange their driving license before Brexit. You can do that for a few ten euros, but it takes up to seventeen days to complete.

According to current planning, the British will leave the European Union midnight (Dutch time) on 30 March. In the resignation agreement that was rejected by the British House of Commons last month, deals have been made about driving licenses.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is currently trying to renegotiate that agreement. Above all, she wants to find another solution for the so-called ‘Irish backstop’, the emergency plan that should prevent a hard border on the Irish island after Brexit.

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