Boris Johnson is losing support within its own ranks

boris johnson

Up to 30 Tories MPs do not want to support the British prime minister’s plans. Johnson is planning a law to amend the existing Brexit agreement.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has received opposition from his party for his plans to change the long-standing Brexit agreement. British media reports that up to 30 Tory MPs are considering voting against the amendment bill. The government still assumes that it will get its law through. The prime minister has a majority of 80 MPs in the lower house.

Johnson wants to use the Single Market Act to change the 2019 exit agreement with the EU in key points. It is about special rules for British Northern Ireland, which should prevent a hard border with the EU state Ireland and new hostilities there. Many Brexit supporters fear that the special rules could decouple Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

The EU Commission asked Great Britain to withdraw the plans by the end of September. The government in London rejected this on Thursday evening. The government’s actions damage Great Britain enormously said ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Labor) on Friday the BBC. The law is to be debated in the House of Commons from Monday.


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