Biden accuses Republicans of attacking the right to vote.

Joe Biden


In some states, Republicans want to change the franchise. The US President says they wanted to make voting more difficult. He speaks of a historical danger.

US President Joe Biden has accused the opposition Republicans of damaging democracy in the dispute over electoral reforms. The US is currently experiencing a “widespread attack on the right to vote,” Biden said in his speech in Philadelphia. “since the American Civil War, we are facing the greatest challenge to our democracy. This is not a rhetorical exaggeration.” Then, addressing the Republicans, he asked, “Aren’t you ashamed?”

“This year alone, 17 states passed 28 new laws that make it harder for Americans to vote,” said Biden. The goal of these laws is that fewer and fewer people vote said the democrat. The efforts are un-American, undemocratic and unpatriotic. “They want the option to reject the bottom line and ignore the will of voters if their preferred candidate loses,” Biden said of the Republicans.

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