Are All Black Taxis Insured by Haven?

Are All Black Taxis Insured by Haven?

No, black cabs have many different choices for their insurance coverage; Haven is one of many black taxicabs insurers in the UK. While Haven is certainly a popular black cab insurer, their 1.7-star rating on Trustpilot regularly mentions tricky claims processes and poor customer service, so some drivers feel they’re better served elsewhere. Nevertheless, any black cab driver who is renewing or new to the trade will want to spend some time looking for cheap taxi insurance, as this time investment can save a driver money and ensure they get the best policy for their needs.

When it comes to choosing a black cab insurer, drivers should consider many of the same factors as when picking a home or social, domestic & pleasure vehicle insurer. Consider policies on their ease of claims processes, customer service and quality of cover before making a final decision. And, while it isn’t everything, of course, be sure to check a few prices against each other as rates can vary considerably from one insurer to the next. It’s rarely a good idea to take the first quote offered.

Finding other black cab insurers isn’t too difficult, and many brokers work in the industry. A quick Google search for taxi insurance will return in many options. Next, try a combination of aggregator websites, brokers and insurers to see which works best. Each one has its own unique benefits, from a quick process (aggregator) to a more personal touch (broker) or potentially the best prices offered by that insurer (shopping directly).

However, some insurers won’t work directly with the public, and so a broker is required. Aggregators can connect drivers with a combination of brokers and insurers, depending on the panel.


Black cab insurance for personal use


In many cases, black cab insurance already includes cover for personal use. So while it’s worth checking with the provider, a driver with a traditional taxi insurance policy will typically be covered to drive for personal purposes.

If an insurer specifies there’s no cover for personal use, then it’s necessary to purchase social, domestic & pleasure (SD&P) cover before driving anywhere. In this event, make sure to ask the provider what exactly is and isn’t covered. Would driving to a taxi rank while not on the clock be covered, for example.

This might be the case if the cover is provided by a pay-as-you-go/top-up provider like Zego. Zego’s PAYG coverage can be a great option for anybody looking for cost-effective cover (however, there are several questions about the legality of such a policy), but specifically doesn’t insure drivers, not on the clock with their taxi company or app (Uber, Bolt, etc.). And PAYG cover typically is not as cost-effective for full-time taxicab drivers who are usually better off with an annual policy.

Zego does specify that SD&P cover is required before signing up with them, so (in theory) it shouldn’t be possible to hold their top-up cover without SD&P, but if SD&P cover expires (and hasn’t been renewed) it could create a headache.

Drivers who don’t want to commit to an annual policy, but would like to use their vehicle as a taxi (or perhaps other hire and reward jobs, such as courier work or furniture removal), have some pay monthly options on the market. This system provides both taxi and SD&P cover without the commitment of a long contract. There aren’t many providers for policies like this, and the monthly costs are higher than annual cover, but they can make a great choice for anyone prioritising flexibility in the short-medium term.


Black cab insurance quotes


A few options are available to get insurance quotes for a black cab, but don’t be surprised if it’s a little more tricky than getting quotes for more ‘traditional’ cover, such as home or SD&P vehicles.

Driver age, driving history or the region can play a part in the ease of getting cover and the cost. Insurers are more tentative, covering drivers under the age of 25, with prior driving convictions or who would drive in especially busy regions (near city centres, airports, etc.) and so might not be willing to offer quotes, especially online. In that case, it can be better to call a specialist broker or insurer directly.


How much do black cab drivers get paid?


This varies depending on how busy the driver is each hour, day, week or month, but research on websites like Indeed, Glassdoor and Talent puts average annual incomes at around £30,000-£35,000 per year for black cab drivers in London. This would put monthly earnings at roughly £2,500-£2,900, weekly earnings at around £580-£675, daily earnings between £115-£135, and hourly earnings (assuming a 45-hour working week) at £12.80-£14.90.

This will probably be less for taxi drivers in other cities, where living costs are significantly lower.

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