7 myths about hair loss and baldness

hair loss myths

Hair loss is a common problem. Most people are worried to know myths about hair loss in order to resolve this problem.
Alopecia, better known as baldness, is a result of abnormal hair loss. But in other cases, it can also affect other hair, such as your eyebrows, eyelashes, hair in the genital area or beard hair.

Despite the social and psychological burden associated with being bald, it is a common issue, especially in men. There are various myths about hair loss. Read more about it in this article!

Hormonal imbalances and hereditary factors are also a cause of hair loss. It is usually your body that tells you that changes are taking place. In other cases, it starts at a specific age, generation after generation.

Although it is common, there are still misconceptions about alopecia. Today we will deal with the most common myths about hair loss and correct the information.

Seven myths about hair loss
1. Headphones are harmful to your hair
People generally beliefs is that hair can “choke” through hats, helmets, headphones, or hair gel. The reality, however, is that these things only affect how you look at her. They have nothing to do with how strong your hair is.

2. Washing your hair often causes hair loss
For example, one of the other myths about hair loss is that washing your hair often is related to hair loss. However, shampoo is only intended for local use. It cannot penetrate the scalp; it cannot let your hair fall out or strengthen it. That is why no shampoo can remedy alopecia.

3. Cutting your hair helps your hair grow
Here we will look at one of the myths about hair loss that is not really related to hair loss but rather to issues where the general belief is that it can help your hair grow.

Just like the fact that shampoo has no effect on your hair, a haircut doesn’t have this either. The thought of cutting your hair does not make it stronger, and it will not fall out.

4. Laser treatment is the solution
Although many clinics and aesthetic centres now offer laser treatments, there is no scientific evidence for this application in the event of hair loss. It is effective to remove unwanted hair.

You must keep in mind that becoming bald is not just an aesthetic problem. It is a biological condition and therefore, the help of a certified medical dermatologist is required.

5. Stress makes you bald
Stress can speed up the process of hair loss, but it will never be the reason that you become bald. Baldness is something that you inherit from your parents, contrary to what others might think. If your genes say you will lose your hair, stress will not be the determining factor.

6. Wigs cause baldness
Many people say that if you use a wig or hair extensions, your hair will fall out because your skin cannot breathe. However, this idea belongs to the myths about hair loss. The truth is that you get hair oxygen from the blood in your scalp. Therefore, using a wig or hair extensions will not cause your hair to fall out faster.

7. Too much sun is bad for your hair
It is also said that if you get too much sun on your head, you will speed up the process of becoming bald. This is far from the truth. Too much sun does not cause hair loss. What you have to do is use hair products that ensure that your hair ibres do not weaken. You also need to use enough sunscreen or a cap.

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